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"Serving Hawaii for over 20 years" Panya Staff


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Welcome to Panya Bistro at Hokua

Panya, a bistro, bar & bakery, catering service and retail shop, offering consistent high quality dishes in a wide variety of cuisines, friendly service in an appealing, informal ambiance which lends itself to any occasion, business or pleasure.

QUALITY of food & service with PRESENTATION including packaging is our theme of doing business. We hope every of our customer had “A delicious & memorable experience”.

COMFORT FOOD. That’s probably the best way to describe our cuisine here at Panya. It is also the reason we feel our customers keep coming back again and again. We provide them with delicious, home-cooked style, fresh food at reasonable prices in a trendy, yet comfortable atmosphere in a convenience location. Once customers have come to Panya and tasted our food and drinks, we know we will see them again.